Photography Awards

2014 Iphone Photography Awards

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1st PlaceJulio Lucas (Bradenton, Florida)

1st Place – 2014 Photographer of the Year


2nd Place: Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez (Madrid, Spain)

 3rd Place:  Michael Oneal (San Francisco, California)

Animals – 1st Place

 4th PlaceYilang Peng (Madison, Wisconsin)

Architecture – 1st Place

 5th Place:  Chun Wai To (Hong Kong)

Architecture – 2nd Place

 6th PlaceCocu Liu (IL, USA)

Architecture – 3rd Place

 7th PlaceOlga Otchenasheva (Geneva, Switzerland)

 8th PlaceLee Atwell (Seattle, Washington)

 9th PlaceAlexa Seidl (Washington, DC)

 10th PlaceElena Grimailo (Moscow, Russia)

11th PlaceGwenn McGill (Porland, Oregon)

12th PlaceBrandon Kidwell (Jacksonville, Florida)

13th PlaceRhonda Dent (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

14th PlaceFelicia Pandola (Providence, RI)

15th PlaceErika Brothers (Frisco, Texas)

16th PlaceJuana Chaves (Madrid, Spain)

17th PlaceJeannine Danhieux (Bael, Switzerland)

18th PlaceCocu Liu (IL, USA)

19th PlaceAthena Tan (Singapore)

20th PlaceHector Navarro (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico)

21th Place:  Alexis, Chartrand (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

22th PlaceSofija Strindlund (Stockholm, Sweden)

23rd PlaceSergey Korshunov (Moscow, Russia)

24th PlaceAaron Pike (San Francisco, CA)

25th PlaceMariko Klug (Erding, Germany)

On 10 June 2014 the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) announced the winners of their 7th Annual Contest in the Photographers of the Year and following seventeen categories: Animals, Architecture, Children, Flowers, Food, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, News/Events, Others, People, Seasons, Still Life, Sunset, Travel and Trees.

This year’s winning entries were submitted by photographers from 17 countries. 

The three winners in the Photographer of the Year received an iPad Air (16GB, Wi-Fi) and the first place winners in each category were awarded a Gold Bar.

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) is the first and the longest running iPhone photography competition (since 2007). Every year the IPPAWARDS has selected the best shots among thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers from 70+ countries around the world. 





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