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Much has been said about Motherly Love all over the world from time immemorial up to the present. This phenomenon may be partially explained by the strong connection between mother and child. In fact, at the very beginning of the developing process of the future baby, the embryo and fetus receive nourishment from the placenta, which is connected to the umbilical cord as a means of metabolic interchange with the mother. In other words, a newborn baby is already physiologically bonded to her mother in every aspect. Then, as the infant grows up, the physio-psychological influence exerted upon an infant by breast-feeding, and to a much lesser extent by bottle-feeding, is beneficial in that the child seems to start developing filial affection at an early age, paving the way for childhood good behavior.


  A number of scientists maintain motherly love is genetically passed down from mother to daughter. A mother is ready and willing to enter a burning house to save her children. The mother in Khái Hưng’s touching story of Anh Phải Sống, literally You Must Live, voluntarily chose death so that her husband and children could survive. In short, motherly love is unconditional, unlimited, and ever lasting.


            By contrast, the sad fact is that filial love starts decreasing when a son or daughter gets married. It is natural like the image of the rolling tears. When you shed tears, do they ever roll up? Similarly, motherly love passes down from generation to generation and not the other way around. No wonder Vietnamese folklore observes, “One mother can feed her ten children but her ten children cannot feed their one mother.” Such is life and we might as well accept life as it is.

Examiner: Tell me the first phoneme of the word a French baby utters when s/he starts learning    speaking. Give an example.
Examinee: The phoneme /m/ as in mama
Examiner:  How about a Vietnamese baby?
Examinee:  The phoneme /s/ as in Stalin.
Examiner: Please elaborate.
Examinee: The “great” poet Tố Hữu once wrote, “My child started learning speaking by uttering ‘Stalin’”.
Hai Luu


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